Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thoughts from the woods Novemeber 13th 2010

Today I went into the woods around 6 o'clock this morning just before sunrise. I sat in my stand in Holland, MA for about 2 hours until my boredom got the best of me. I never let the cold get the best of me, when I was too cold to sit any longer I went for a walk to scout the afternoon hunt.

I walked straight uphill for about a quarter mile until I came to a stone wall, I was as quiet as possible, taking a few steps then stopping to observe my surroundings. Listen, look but no sudden movements. It was then I jumped a group of deer. By the time I realized what I had done I was looking at four whitetails flapping as they went down the hill.

The biggest buck trailed the pack, I believe he's an 8-pointer, pretty good size. I will probably get him next week.

By the way today was scheduled to be the best day of the rut action wise. I can't argue it was a pretty good day for activity. If anyone is reading this... keep this in mind... The longer you're in the woods, the greater the probability of seeing a deer. Think of that the next time you start getting squirmy in your stand.

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