Saturday, November 26, 2011

Unofficially the last day of bow season: A look back at 2011

Today is the last day of bow season, since most of us know that when the shotguns and rifles come out the woods are less predictable.

I will still take the bow out a few more times but due to work and the holidays my hunting season is basically over.

I was able to land one small buck and I had an opportunity at a bunch of does (but no permit!!!). I've added some memorable pictures from this years hunts. A capstone to the 2011 bow season.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Massachusetts Bow Hunters Black Friday!

Here's to those of you who ate your Turkey yesterday and didn't have the motivation to get back into the woods first thing this morning.

I searched a couple of sites and found some really good deals for any bowhunters.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Comfort Zone Magnum Hunter XL Hang-On Treestand
2 for $60.00

Comfort Zone 15' Lookout Ladder Stand 2 for $99

Comfort Zone Hunting Blind
2 for $99

Wolverine Men's Hunting Boot $71.98


Bushmaster Climber

1 Million Candlelight Spotlight $9.99

Cabela's Droptine Boot $59.99

Silent Suede Waterproof Camo Gloves $19.99

Underarmour Camo Cold Gear $49.99

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Does tinks doe piss really work?

Yes, and no.

I wish I had a definite answer for you. From what I have seen this past week I'm beginning to think, YES... but not for a mature buck.

Two days ago, I was hunting off of New Boston Road in Sturbridge, MA. At 3PM I made a mock scrape just off of a deer run and I jumped into my climber for an afternoon hunt.

In the mock scrape I sprayed a decent amount of Tinks and I trailed some to my stand about 10 yards away. At 4PM I see a doe coming in out of the blue to get a better wiff. She comes right up to the scrape, smells the estruos doe scent and takes off like a bat out of hell. She stops at 25 yards gives me a broadside shot, no permit, no deer.

While she's standing there a good size ~150lb buck comes to the scrape, about 10 yards from the scrape he smells the tinks and BOLTS 50+ yards out of sight. Full sprint like he'd been shot.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Massachusetts Big Buck Harvested

Hunting on a decline in North Oxford. My uncle bagged this 180 pound 8 pt. Two days ago. Grunted to stop the buck on the run and arrowed him in the neck.

Great shot!

Massachusetts Hunting Journal: Estrus Doe Stopped in it's tracks

On Wednesday afternoon I got in the woods around 3PM (later than I had hoped). I tried a new spot deep in the Opacum Woods. About 4PM I had a bad feeling so I began to decent from my climber. As I did I caught a doe out of the corner of my eye. The doe was munching some branches and headed my way.

Before I had climbed the tree I made a mock scrape with tinks estrus doe urine. The doe was feeding pretty aggressively and then wiffed the deer piss. The doe came in right to my stand (5 yards away) and put her nose to the ground just downwind of the scrape. Once she smelled the piss she FLIPPED out. She bolted 25 yards back to where she came. She stopped and when she stopped I video'd this:

November 2011 Tinks Estrus Doe

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bow Hunting Massachusetts Buck harvest

Today I got a nice shot on a fork horn at about 20+yards between two trees. Hit him hard and he dropped in his tracks! I was surprised as hell at the shot but I am thrilled here's a few pics of this lil' guy.

He circled my stand at about 30 yards at 6:30 am I shot him at 6:45, I used a doe bleat and then a buck bawl to bring him in.

Checked him in at Wickabog in West Brookfield. Nice guy and Nice shop!

Brought him to Todd's Meat Cutting in Charlton, MA.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

8 pt buck runs over man and Massachusetts buck sighting

Not sure how I missed this one over the summer. Apparently a guy was at a dead head concert and got flattened by an 8 point buck. Hilarious story. See the supporting link.

In more relevant news I saw a buck on New Boston Road today in Sturbridge, MA. He was crossing just near mountain brook headed towards The Preserve. Very good size buck, I would estimate 170-180lbs I believe an 8 pointer could only see one side of the rack. 4x4.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wildgame Innovations Customer Service

First, I'd like to stop for a second and say thanks to all the Vets out there who fought for us. They allow me to step foot in the woods whenever I feel like it. They allow me to live my life as a free American. They've given me the choice and thankfully I am not forced to fight for our country. So a big thanks to all of you who have served in the military. Also those who are from military families, I know first hand how difficult that can be.

Now... on to a pleasant surprise in the woods camera industry.

On October 25th my woods camera was a year and a half old and shit the bed. In my opinion I said well, they're not the most durable cameras in the world and I didn't pay a ton of money for it. So I went out to Dick's Sporting Goods in Millbury and bought a new camera (the action camera). I e-mailed Wildgame Innovations customer support that night telling them of my problem. Turns out the one year warranty is expired. The customer service at Wildgame Innovations stepped it up!

They told me regardless of the one year warranty, to send in my n5c for a replacement model, which I was assuming was a refurb unit. WRONG AGAIN! This unit was a brand new infrared camera 5.0 mp, needless to say I was very impressed.

It's such a surprise to see a company respond to the customer this way. Normally you're screwed but Wildgame Innovations went above and beyond the call of duty (sorry for the Veteran's Day reference).

Thanks Wildgame... you guys are great. The next camera I will buy will be a Wildgame, as a token of appreciation.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 17: Massachusetts Deer Hunting Journal

There's been some excitement in the woods as of late. I am getting lots of reports of OTHER hunters getting deer. I have  been trying a new spot in the Opacum Woods of Sturbridge. I have been scouting a good amount and have seen plenty of bear sign. Wrong animal I know but there's also plenty of deer sign.

I ended up scouting a little bit today since it's Sunday and I saw a hunter who typically hunts near me in the Opacum Woods with a deer on the back of his truck. Not sure if it was a buck or a doe since I was driving bye but it definitely got my attention.

This week I will be spending the week working in Maine.

Enjoy the hunt!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 12: Massachusetts Bow Hunting Journal

Here comes the snow!!!

So this is what we're looking at for tonight into tomorrow. Looks like we're going to get at least 6 inches of some wet snow. I am excited to check out some sign in the snow this will definitely help me find my new spot.

In other news I saw a 6 pt buck today at the bottom of a thickly settled area, I don't think I can get into where I saw him but I do know I can hunt just parallel and hope that this storm doesn't stop my evening hunt.