Friday, September 30, 2011

Sighting in a bow in Massachusetts

There are many fall traditions in New England. There's Thanksgiving, Apple Picking, Football, watching the Red Sox blow a huge lead and miss out on the playoffs... Well... that's not really a good one. My favorite tradition is sighting in my bow for opening day. There's nothing worse than having to adjust your sights but lets face it, no matter how often you shoot you're bound to want to improve your aim/sights. Some blame it on their aim and some blame it on their sights... the only way to tell is to perfectly sight in your bow over a period of a few weeks between October 1 and October 17th (opening day).

Sighting in your bow.

1. Start with the 15 yard pin. Take 4 shots no matter what and if your grouping is tight and on target do not adjust. If the grouping is scattered, that's a good indication of user error. Shoot until a definite grouping is visible and adjust sights accordingly. I suggest starting at 15 yards since almost any hunter regardless of age should be capable of a tight grouping within this distance.

2. Set up around 20-25 yards for your second pin. Repeat the steps for the 15 yard pin, it's okay if the grouping is a little larger this is natural.

3. Set up around 30-35 yards for this pin. This is usually my last pin, I rarely like a shot any longer than 35 yards. If you believe you're comfortable with a 40 yard shot, take 4 shots at 40 yards and if your grouping is really tight then consider taking this shot in the woods. Otherwise in my opinion wait until the deer comes closer or let him live another day. Way too many shots are taken from this distance and deer are wounded but never found. Shoot to kill, not to wound.

***Some advice that was taught at a young age was to color code your distances.
10-15 Green... Green means take this shot without hesitation. (Also green sights are easier to see in the dark...if it's just getting light or dark out)

20-25 Yellow... Yellow means proceed with caution...(Shoot but make sure you've got a good clear shot)

35+ Red... Stop, think about this shot before you take it. Is there no chance this deer comes within closer range... Is this shot going to kill swiftly? If you're second guessing yourself hold off a minute longer and see if he's heading your way.

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