Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 5: Massachusetts Hunting Blog Webster/Oxford MA

On Day 5, I went out to Webster to hunt with my uncle for the day. On my way to the hunting spot we saw a doe in a pasture. As we made our early morning approach to our stand we saw a set of eyes about 10 yards away. This deer wasn't spooked at all in fact the LED's froze the deer in his tracks (about 5:45AM). We were unable to identify the deer.

We saw tons of sign at this spot in Webster however during the day light hours we were unable to see a thing. The wind was a bit too strong so I think we'll try this spot again later in the year.

The Afternoon:

The afternoon hunt was awesome, we went to some private land in Oxford, MA where we hunted the entire afternoon from about 2:30-6:10. This is the place where my buddy shot a 80lb spike three days ago. I had a really good feeling about this spot but it didn't produce any results. As we headed back to the truck we spot lighted 6 deer in the pasture. The opposite side of the field(which is always the case!). Anyways this is a really good spot with aggressive terrain to one side and a pasture to the opposite side. We saw one lone large buck in the spot light at 6:20ish. Looks to be around a 10ptr hope he sticks around for next year.

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