Saturday, November 19, 2011

Massachusetts Hunting Journal: Estrus Doe Stopped in it's tracks

On Wednesday afternoon I got in the woods around 3PM (later than I had hoped). I tried a new spot deep in the Opacum Woods. About 4PM I had a bad feeling so I began to decent from my climber. As I did I caught a doe out of the corner of my eye. The doe was munching some branches and headed my way.

Before I had climbed the tree I made a mock scrape with tinks estrus doe urine. The doe was feeding pretty aggressively and then wiffed the deer piss. The doe came in right to my stand (5 yards away) and put her nose to the ground just downwind of the scrape. Once she smelled the piss she FLIPPED out. She bolted 25 yards back to where she came. She stopped and when she stopped I video'd this:

November 2011 Tinks Estrus Doe

November 2011 Quick Doe Video

The best part of the hunt or should I say the worst part was... As I'm videoing this doe, the doe walks back behind some brush. I turn to my right and at 10 yards a buck is near the scrape and BOLTS about 50 yards out of sight. Upon first impression I think he was a good sized full 6 pointer. I went back after him the following day but didn't see a thing. I'm changing my opinion of tinks deer pee, I think that must have spooked the buck.

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