Sunday, February 19, 2012

Deer Update

I know nobody is really thinking about deer this time of year however someone who hunts near my property mentioned that he saw at least 15 deer hearded up walking with purpose through the field. I believe they do this to find food and stay alive during cold winters. The season has been relatively easy on the deer and I'm already looking forward to next years hunt.

Start getting the cameras out to see which deer made it through, If you're ambitious start checking the woods for sheds.


  1. Been out a couple of times looking for sheds with no luck....yet. Hopefully we find some soon.

  2. Nice Jim, I have to start looking myself. I'm still in Superbowl hangover mode. 50 degrees today though!

    1. I love looking for sheds during the off season, non hunting season. I am going to see how many sheds I can find this year. I usually find about 7 or 8 on any given year. I hunt for sheds at in Texas. I am looking forward to hunting , the season seems shorter every year.

  3. shorter every year, that's why I got into bow hunting. I just enjoy being in the woods. Thanks for the comment Spike.