Thursday, July 19, 2012

1965 Triumph Bonneville Restoration Project

Still tearing apart the old Triumph, trying to get this bike back into good condition. A little history on the bike, My father bought this bike back in 1990. He paid $500 for the bike in running condition. My father passed away in 1995 and after that time the bike sat in my grandfathers barn for ~15 years.

When I turned 22 I gained an interest in restoring the bike. I took the tins off it got them painted, bought new pipes for the bike, went through the engine to get it running again. Since then it's been nothing but problems. Tins do not fit correctly, bolting is stripped or lost... it's a lot of fun.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1965 Triumph Bonneville Project

With the help of Jaye Strait of Britech who is one of the best in the business, I was able to get some badges for my new tank. The harmonic badges that are going on my bike are original off of a 1965 bonneville tank.

I ended up selling the original badges that were on my bike on ebay. They were in excellent condition. I kept the parcel tray, I bought a new tail light and I have had the seat reupholstered but not to original specs.

Below is a picture of the fenders that I recently had painted by Mark Palmer of Hillside Collision. The paint color is a pacific blue, again not original, but the silver/grey is the original paint color. The pinning was done by John? Cloutier of Globe Sign in Southbridge.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1965 Triumph Bonneville Restoration

On a completely separate note, I have been trying to restore my dad's old Triumph. This is a tough time of the year for fishing, it's not quite hunting season yet.

This bike was registered as a 1965 Triumph Bonneville t120. The problem is... it's a t120 frame, with mix matched handlebars, mix matched extended forks, tr6 motor, random fender and it had a 1971 TR6 tank on it.

I have traded my tank with Jaye Strait from BriTech, who has been extremely helpful in this process.

I'm going to upload some old pictures and then some more recent ones as I go... I'm just a normal guy trying to put a bike together, not trying to make it original.