Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 1: Massachusetts Bow Hunting Journal

I'm bringing back "the journal" from last year. For the most part my hunting strategies have stayed the same. I literally look at a topo map and I find the toughest looking terrain. I start there and the rest of this journal will describe where I end up...

Day 1 October 15th 2012.

Opening Day of Bow season in Massachusetts. Doesn't get much better than this, I waited 9 long months to get back into a stand and see some action. I didn't get it on opening day, mostly because I wasn't able to hunt where I wanted to.

As every good bow hunter knows, the preparation is key. I had everything laid out the night before, I had scouted for a few months to get the deer patterns down. I found a good spot with lots of fresh sign and good tree rubs. I showed up to the site at about 5:45 AM only to find 3 trucks at the Opacum Woods trail head. Granted there's a lot of woods up there to share, I just didn't feel like guessing where the other hunters might be. I ended up turning around and heading to my second spot on private property in Holland, MA. I got in the woods later than I would have liked but still before sunrise. Didn't see a damn thing. The wind was killer so it was very difficult to hear anything.

The afternoon hunt was just as unsuccessful although a lot more encouraging. I got in the woods early in the afternoon, I was lucky enough to find my spot in the Opacum woods. I climbed up the tree and sat there until sunset. It was a great day but didn't see any deer.

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