Sunday, October 14, 2012

Summit Viper Climbing Stand Modifications

I own a Summit Viper and from what I've heard it's one of the best out there. I only own one other climber and it is smaller but a little less stable and harder to work with. A lot of hunters understand that their bow needs to be tuned up year in and year out. It needs to be sited and the sites need to be perfect. We need to shoot the bow a dozen times before the season starts. We need to feel comfortable with our bows and we need top of the line carbon arrows, 100 grain expandable broadheads, 30 gallons of estrus doe piss etc...etc.. Where we drop the ball is on the attention to the climber. A lot of hunters, myself included, neglect to look around to see what others are doing to their stands to make them quieter, faster, stronger, tighter and "prettier".

I did some research and asked around to other Summit Viper owners to see where the Viper could improve. I've listed below the 5 modifications that hunters have made that will improve your Viper and your hunt. After all, you shoot your bow maybe 4 times during the season, you're in your stand for sometimes 12 hours per hunt. You'll figure out which is more important real quick.

1. Bedliner Trick
The most popular complaint of the Summit Viper is that the sound of the metal parts tend to be too loud while setting up and packing it in. The highest rated solution is to "rubberize" the stand. First, you strip the stand of all the cloth components. This includes removing all the padding on the rail and the seat with straps. The next step is to roughen the metal surface with a low grade sandpaper. Finally take a can of Herculiner and roll the entire stand with a can of this rubberized truck bed liner. This works miracles on your stand and can make a big difference.

2. 3-D Camo
This trick is relatively easy and can make your Viper "stand" out in a good way. You take some of this 3D Camo Blind Kit and either zip tie or glue it to the edges of your stand.

3. Camo Spray Paint
Here's another entirely cosmetic modification. The flat gray appearance of the tree stand is boring and the paint quality is low. This aftermarket spray paint you can find at Tractor Supply will cost you 15 bucks total for 3 cans. Mix and match the colors and  try different outlines on the stand. This will make your climber paint last a little longer and improve your stealth.

4. Molle Straps
These Molle Straps are pretty much self explanatory. Add these to your Viper and you'll be a lot more comfy and it looks a lot cooler.

5. Foam on the rails
Another silencer is to add Foam on the rails where the old cloth and padding was. Use the pipe insulating foam and wrap it with electrical tape. Once you've done this add some camo cloth around the foam and viola! it's a quieter more comfortable stand.


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