Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Tackle Tote
Surf 'N' Boat
 Introducing The Tackle Tote by Tackle Solutions, LLC.  The Tackle Tote is the latest in saltwater innovation. This box gives you the ability to store dozens of large saltwater lures easily. See the image, this box is the real deal. Tide chart on the lid, lures neatly stored around the ridge, tangle and clutter free. Finally, there's a solution to your surf-casting and large lure problems!

Check out the website Tackle-Tote.com for ordering info, with three options there will be a solution for every angler. Surf 'N' Boat, Tackle Tote Jr., and Troll 'N' Boat.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fly fishing the quinnebaug river Sturbridge

Fly fished on the quinnebaug river this week and caught a few nice fish and photos.

Was using a bead head nymph with white wings on it. Worked great. Off to Long Island.