Friday, November 20, 2015

Another Monster Massachusetts Zone 9 Buck Down

When this first came through on our BowhuntMass Instagram account I couldn't believe the pictures. This looked like a Kansas buck with a gnarly rack!


The Backstory:
Two weeks ago, Chris Nanof shot a small six pointer so he was tag limited. I think he made the right choice in nailing this 170lb Massachusetts 9 pointer. Heading back to a hot location Chris laid down some code blue doe in heat. This spot was on fire the morning of Nov. 14, Chris saw five deer total including three bucks, the action started around 6:25AM when a small doe came through. Next a big 8 chasing a doe came through but didn't allow for a shot at 7:15AM. Shortly after another small 8 pointer trailed behind. Chris checked his phone and received a text that his dad had just missed an "absolute monster buck", about 1500 yards from Chris' stand. Ten minutes after the text, this same monster was within 15 yards of Chris.  

The Shot:
At 7:42 AM on Saturday morning Chris buried the nock in this beast. The buck gave him a broadside shot which Chris capitalized on with his Rage 2 broadhead. 

The Recovery:
No tracking blood on this journey... the shot was perfect and laid this bad boy down within 10 yards of the shot. Excellent work, a proud moment for Chris and his dad as well!


  1. Well done. You should be SUPER proud of this accomplishment.

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