Saturday, December 17, 2016

BowhuntMass: Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro 800g Product Review

BowhuntMass recently received a pair of Lacrosse Alphaburly 800g insulated boots. Historically, the Field & Stream insulated rubber boot or the Muck rubber boot was the way to go. This time we decided to put the Alphaburly's to the test. This isn't your typical run of the mill test, we took the Alphaburly's out for a simulated partial season test.

We tested these boots during the coldest December 2016 days. Temperatures were below zero with the wind chill factor and we received several inches of snow. The idea is to take the boots everywhere and anywhere you might find yourself during your Massachusetts hunting season. Took the boots up ridges, into swamps, across shallow streams into the Summit Viper, across the ice and into six inches of fresh snow. Here's what we found:

When you put these boots on the first thing you think is quality. We typically love the Field and Stream insulated rubber boots but pound for pound the Alphaburly's blew them out of the water. Boots are form fitting and have an adjustable strap, making them more comfortable than most boots. Typically a rubber boot is loud walking through the woods but the high quality rubber bottom makes it easy to navigate quietly through the woods. The muck boots we tried were comfortable but anyone who has ventured into a swamp realizes the last thing you want is to lose a boot in the mud (actually happened with the Muck boot). The Alphaburly has a high quality adjustable strap that keeps that boot snug to your foot and keeps you from experiencing one of the worst hunting feelings, wet feet!
Here's how the boot performed in the Massachusetts woods:

Mud:         ★★★★★
Snow:        ★★★★★
Ice:            ★★☆☆☆
Leaves:      ★★★★★
Cold:         ★★★☆☆

These boots are not made for the ice that's for sure. We took them out on the ice without creepers and we were all over the place. It was actually difficult to stay on your feet! We recommend getting a pair of creepers for these if you want to venture on the ice.
These boots are warm but not the warmest. We recommend going with the 1600g if you've got an issue with cold feet.
The Alphaburly's are a little more expensive than its competitors. If price is a factor we suggest waiting for a sale (currently on sale at Cabela's  Alphaburly Pro 800g on Sale!) or buying a cheaper competitor but do not expect them to last! The Field & Streams literally wore out after strenuous use (you get what you pay for!).

Muck Boot $$
Field & Stream Swamptracker $$
Cabela's Dura-Trax $$$
Irish Setter Rut Master $$$

We give the Alphaburly's the BHM seal of approval. A great set of boots, quality is as expected for the price. For late fall early winter these boots are perfect, for extreme cold try the Alphaburly 1600g insulated boot.

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