Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rage Announces New Trypan Broadhead

Rage Trypan Broadhead

Rage has released a new broadhead with a notably different indexing collar. The issue of having a collar that is both durable and opens upon contact has been a struggle for Feradyne Outdoors a manufacturer of Rage and Muzzy Broadheads (for those who thought they were competitors).

Why the name Trypan?
We assume it is because trypanophobia is a fear of hypodermic needles? Not in love with the name but the new features and specs have us in line for a trial pack.

- Hardened Titanium Body
- .039 thick blade
- 2-inch cut
- Indexable shock collar

Rage hasn't released full specs yet but there's a quick peek at what we will be seeing next week.


  1. Of all the broadheads I have used, the new trypan are the most unique. I like the exceptional indexing collar. Not to mention the top-quality titanium body. See other amazing broadheads here: